Health & Wellness Influencer Application

Hi there! Thanks for inquiring! Looking forward to connecting with some amazing people!

Hello! My name is Christina and I am a Health & Wellness Consultant/ Social Media Influencer.
Since your here, I’m sure you know a little bit about what I do! I have been bringing in a part time income from my phone for 1.5 years now and on my way to a full time income working from anywhere, offering Health & Wellness products and helping others reaching their financial goals! Loving the products and the company, and learning about the business led me to the idea of having more FREEDOM of time and more financial stability! Wanting more to provide a safety-net for our daughters future and work towards other business ventures. A way for me to bring in some income to help out with just the little things and then was able to help out with some big things.

Before I started my journey with this home-based business I had just had a baby, and became a full time stay at home mom. Before my daughter was born I was a full time Private Fitness Trainer, and worked part time as an Event Assistant for local venues. I didnt want to leave my daughter in anyone elses care so I wanted to figure out a way to work from home and earn an income while taking care of our daughter and not miss out on the little moments that I would be missing out on if I had to go to a job everyday and leave her. I was already use to making my own hours before but with this business I knew I wanted the flexibility to work whenever, and wherever I wanted, so I started looking into jobs I could do online. And long story short, this opportunity fell into my lap after seeing another friend of mine and what a success this business has been for her and she asked if i was interested in joining? I was like this is a sign! So I said "YES" And here I am 1.5 years later living the life I wanted, working from home or from anywhere making more extra income, just a few months into the business I double-promoted and was making more income than I was planning for! I am able to focus on raising my daughter, we have more income to take care of other expenses we have as a family! Because of this business Ive been able to put more towards our car notes and utilities every month, put a little away for savings and other business plans in motion we are now working on. Because of this business I have changed peoples lives, Im staying healthy and active, we are able to do more now. I became a "YES MOM" And now I never have to miss a moment thanks to this opportunity, it has opened more doors for me as well!
Most importantly I get to design my days, months and years... All because I said yes!

It is my life. I control my income, I control my schedule, I control my goals, and my success. I am in control of my life and I wouldnt change a thing!

If you’re anything like me then you don’t want to spend your life working for somebody else, clocking into a job that has no flexibility + set salary, or work in an environment that takes advantage of your potential to succeed.

Or its quite possible your very happy with your current job, but just need a side hustle for some extra income!

Turn your Cant's into Can's and make your Dreams become your Reality!
You deserve everything you desire.
It’s YOUR only life, OWN IT!

And I’m here to help guide you!


Here is some info in reference to your influencer application, to explain some of the things you'll learn when you join me!

>> How to market & brand yourself
>> How to make an income from instagram
>> How to step into your purpose
>> How to create content for IG stories
>> How to help others reach their goals!
>> How to organically grow your network

+ so much more!

Our team is one of the fastest growing teams in the business and we are so ready to welcome anyone from all walks of life!

Ask yourself these questions - Does this sound like you?
>> Are you goal oriented?
>> Are you coachable?
>> Work hard play hard mentality?
>> Are you ready to hustle + change your life?


Take full advantage of this opportunity and turn your passion and desire into an income & a life you LOVE!

Im so looking forward to being a part of your journey with you,. Apply below and let's see if this opportunity is exactly what you have been manifesting!

Love & Positive Vibes
Christina C.


Must be 18+