About me

The Gift of Opportunity

I was born in Brownsville, the southernmost tip of Texas. Growing up we enjoyed going to Mexico, camping at Boca Chica Beach, and visiting South Padre Island. My parents taught me to be kind and respectful to everyone.

My parents were small business owners and they instilled a strong work ethic in me. They showed me the value of hard work by building their dream home from the ground up. I also saw them go through many struggles. They never gave up; they always found a way. I always wanted to be part of my father’s business, but it was in construction and my father focused more on teaching my brothers. I get my entrepreneurial spirit from them and have always wanted to run my own business.

I met my soulmate at 16 and we started our life together at 20. We moved around a lot and as we moved our family grew. I have three smart, funny, and beautiful children. They keep us busy. Five years ago, we were hit with an illness. We had to leave our home in Arizona and moved back to Brownsville. Although, we love our hometown, it was not an easy decision to make because we had to start all over again.

I was a stay home mom for 12 years. I was now faced with figuring out a way to bring in extra income. So, I went back to school. I attended a vocational school and earned my certification for medical billing and coding. I have been working as a Certified Medical Billing and Coding Specialist and I enjoy what I do however, I felt it I needed a change. Due to the pandemic and the demands of remote schooling, I felt a need to adapt for me and my family. But we still needed the extra income.

One day, my husband talking to his best friend. I heard them talking about a business opportunity. An opportunity that would allow me to leave my job and still bring in that extra income we needed. I listened, I researched, and watched others tell their story of how this opportunity changed their lives.

I made a choice. I decided to take the leap! I am ready to put that strong work ethic to good use to change my circumstances. I finally get to have my own business. I get to work from home. I decide when and how I work. I am learning a whole new skill set and I am having fun doing it. I am learning more about myself and what I am capable of. I get to put my creativity to good use and express myself in a new way.

I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life! One where I can work from home and enjoy time with my family again.

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