Indigenous Communities: Manobo and Bagobo Tribe

Published October 26, 2021 1:43pm

Indigenous culture is an important part of the Philippines' history. We interviewed a few people from the Bagobo and Manobo tribes to gather more information and knowledge.

According to Mr. Cabugawan (Bagobo Tribe), Bagobo is divided into three subtribes: 'Bagobo Manuvo,' 'Bagobo Klata,' and 'Bagobo Tagabawa.' Their tribe, 'Bagobo Tagabawa,' is located in the south, and the word 'Tagabawa' means "people from the south." From the lower slopes of Mount Apo, also known as the "Sandawa." They can be found in the provinces of Toril, Santa Cruz, and Mountain. Ms. Sotelo also mentioned that their ethnicity can be determined by the way they speak.

Going back to the Manobo Tribe, Mr. Cardozo of the Manobo Tribe says, "Manobo is an abbreviation for "People." They are also known for their intricate casting, Ubo fashion, fine weaponry, and jewelry, which we believe has possessive souls, making it difficult for the maker to part with us."

Ms. Secreto, who is also from the Manobo tribe, added that the rituals and medical purposes of some plants originated from their tribe; this ritual plant has a symbolic meaning and rational function. Some of them are used in healing rituals, weddings, harvest thanksgiving, baptism, birth, and, finally, ritual burial.

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