hey so this is my milkshake website! this page will explain how to create the filter I use! continue scrolling through the pages for more things :)

hearts (optional): find an app called “SNOW” and go to the “ar filter” section once imported video/picture. click on the spring option and then scroll until you find the hearts <3
step 1: find an app called “24FPS” and import the qr code for “TAK3 ON M3” (can be found on tiktok).
step 2: find an app called prequel. click on the effects option and then dust. put dust to 50 and everything else to 0. then click on the adjust option. -25 exposure, +100 highlights, -100 shadows and +100 blur.
step 3: find an app called ultralight. click “edit” and then the triangle option. put clarity to -7. then click on the two circles and put the pink option to +10.
step 4: find an app called colourtone. find the “jasmines hand” section and then find marble. put marble to +50.
hope this helps you all <3

fonts <3

below are some popular fonts the you may be looking for <3

- marola
- love
- rainy hearts
- mermaid bold
- lemon milk
- kg red hands
- moms diner
- cream
- garlic salt extras
- letters for learners
- sant joan (not on dafont)
- wrinkle regular
these are the most popular (from what I’ve seen) hope this helps <3

thank you

read below <3

hey so this is my big thank you for everything <3 I’ve come so far with this account (cdgsazalea) and I’m hoping to go further with it :) I have been on and off with posting as I’ve been going through a lot and didn’t have any motivation to post but I’m starting again for you guys <3 also wanted to come out in this so I’m pansexual, demisexual and genderfluid! my pronouns will change so they will be in the caption of all my videos. I will hopefully be posting daily again unless something happens <3 my name is Skye but I preferred to be called Xai (z eye for pronunciation) if this is ok with you guys <3


here are some tips to help improve your fanpage <3

- be nice to everyone
- respect people’s opinions
- interact with your followers
- do daily shoutouts
- post daily/be active
- try to stick with one theme
- don’t like your own videos
- don’t use your idol for clout
- do some gain trains
- follow back some of your followers
- be appreciative
- use trendy hashtags
- use trendy sounds
- don’t gatekeep colourings and fonts etc
- don’t spam with self promo

self care

here are some tips to help yourself <3

- make sure to stay hydrated (coming from someone who doesn’t)
- eat properly with a balanced diet
- spend time outside
- take showers regularly
- take breaks from devices (phones, laptops etc)
- take a break from socials if needed
- spend time with friends
- spend time with your family if you want
take care of yourself bestie <3 I love you so much