Intro/about us/what to expect on this website!

Hey luv! It’s us @cdgsbve! This our official website, you will find our: coloring tuts, user ideas, fandoms to join, and much more! I hope this helps you!

Coloring tuts!

Your looking for a cute coloring!? Well I have two suggestions! Also please give cc in bio or caption if you use! ♡︎
Cinema coloring/old coloring:
Ultralight: clarity- +10 and sharpen- -10
Photos: (not a app) brightness and sharpen- +100
Ultralight again select preset #4 and do same steps as before!
Prequel: go to adjust and adjust abbreviation to 20 and blur to 25 after go to effects and choose Cinema (frame off) cc: idk sorry!
Momoi coloring:
24 FPS: momoi QR code 100%
Prequel: exposure- -50 contrast- -15 highlights- -100 sharpen- 25 glow- +14 blur- 75 filter- Roma #1 and effect dust
Colortone: jasmine hand; select angel filter
Cc: me!

Acc I own or are in the making

You are wondering what accs I own or that we are planning on making? Lemme tell you!
@cdgsbve- main (most active)
@cdgsbve_backup- backup! (Incase we get banned from posting or become shadowban)
@cdgsbvehelps- help acc! (For new fps and themes, and more!)
Thats it for our accs!

Font pack!

Here are some of my fav fonts

Hug me tight
Saint joan
KG red hands
Kind heart
Organic brand
Pink chicken
Lemon milk bold
Garlic salt
Old London (for edits)

So a question I see a lot on my fyp is how to get rid of the tt wm and here’s what you do! First you want to c-link the video you want to save and then go to snaptik (the link will be at the bottom of this page) and paste the link into the bar and hit search and once you have pasted and searched the tt you will see something that says server 1, server 2, and server 3. You want to select server 2 and once you have selected server 2 you will see a download or cancel button you want to select download and check your files and download that. Hope that helps!