About Me.

Get To Know Me.

Hi my loves,
My name is Catherine, I go by Cat, and I was born & raised in New York. Other than being the skincare enthusiast that I am by night, I am a full-time nursing student by day.

The main reason I started this account is due to the goal I have of one day becoming an aesthetic registered nurse. For many years I struggled with acne (and still do) and because of that, my interest in skincare sparked. I became so invested in trying to “fix” my insecurities and find ways to clear up my skin. This journey has opened up so many doors for me and I am beyond grateful for that. I want to use this platform to help others feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.

My DM’s are always open if anyone wants to chat (even if it is not skincare related, I’d love to talk).

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Some Fun Facts About Me:
☁️ I’m actually a retired college basketball player and current high school girls basketball coach!🏀
☁️ Summer is my favorite season.🌴
☁️ I love to read.📖
☁️ I’m addicted to matcha latte’s.🤪

All my love,
Cat. xox