Ella es Cecilia Maya.

Mexamericana de Los Ángeles, Ca. Tremenda, capaz y libre.

Vamos a ver, que les cuento?

I’m bilingual. I’m a twin to a boy. I think I have a great memory because I always forget how bad it really is 🤪 But honestly, there’s a perk to my bad memory... I’m not resentful.

I describe myself as “libre,” which means free because I’m free of hate, free of resentment, free of anger, free of judgement, and free of shame. Soy una mujer libre!! Y si, también estoy solterita y sin compromiso. ☺️

I believe that helping someone in need is always the right thing to do. I believe in standing up for others. Dicen que soy enojona pero yo pienso que estan exagerando, I just never shut up about injustice or abuse, and I will never shut up because an insecure man wants me to. Así que hombres machistas, dejen de decirme que le baje PORQUE NO LE PIENSO BAJAR A NADA! 📣📣📣

I love my people and love meeting new people. I like listening to others stories! I find it so inspiring. I really hope and wish that by the time you’re done reading this you feel totally comfortable to reach out to me. Please know that you are not alone. If you know me or know of me, know that you can always count on me. Business idea, business help, a listening ear, need to vent, need to cry, need coffee or need tacos. Reach out to me! Talk to me about you, I want to hear all about it.

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