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When the pandemic hit, I was in a panic. I was unsure what to do, both of my jobs had closed , to remain unopened for months. When my main hustle closed down for good , I chose to invest into my hair company. I purchased a LLC, and established a business retail establishment , Cee Hair Extensions LLC.

Fast forward , nearly a year established, I also offer business branding and marketing services. I pride on helping others build their craft and establish a brand. 2021 is the year for elevation, whether it is personal or business oriented.

I offer cosmetology services and classes. Business advising, vendor purchases, and Mentor consultations are offered through my organization PIECE OF PEACE. If you don’t need any of these services personally, refer a friend or family member.

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Piece of peace

Regroup, rebuild , rebirth

An organization designed to help woman....age 19 and up. Through out the year piece of peace will be organizing food drives, trips, raffles , giving back to the community and helping woman REBUILD what they had taken from them. Whether the woman lost confidence or material resources. Piece of peace is designed to assist that woman with getting “it “ back. Recovery . Any woman who is recovering , we want to help recover with you .
Email if you are interested in being a member or PIECE OF PEACE or interested in donating. We do not accept cash. Only feminine products ,clothing and resources/information. Items can be picked up or shipped . We are located in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. If you want to receive mentoring services or help provide mentoring service based on your story, you can contact CIARA 267-210-5509 for all inquires. PRIVACY IS A MUST . Every conversation via text/email/phone is protected and will not be shown or discussed with others. HIPPA law regulations are followed.