Garza Texas Realty

presented by Jacqueline Garza & Carmen Garza

Jacqueline Garza

learn about me!

Hi everyone, i’m Jacqueline and welcome to my page!

I am a wife, mother of two, and an ambitious Realtor currently residing in The Woodlands.

I had spent my earlier years working in the medical field in Houston for 10+ years. From that experience I quickly learned that I had a passion for helping others and thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, thus leading to my drastic career change to become a Real Estate agent.

I began my Real Estate journey in 2018 where i began my own group, Garza Texas Realty. Throughout these passed few years, I am blessed to say I have been extremely successful and have received numerous credentials revealing my true talent for this career.

Apart from my business life, I also enjoy spending time with my fur babies, spending time outdoors, and traveling with my husband of 20+ years. You can find me enjoying my hobbies by adding my socials (links on the next page) where I often post about my personal life, inspirations of mine, and realty-related content. Hope you enjoy my journey!

Carmen Garza

let’s get to know each other a little better!

Hey, I’m Carmen and thanks for checking out my page!

I am a Realtor from Katy, Texas who currently lives and works in The Woodlands!

I spent my years of education at Stephen F. Austin State University before transitioning to Texas State University where i graduated with a Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics.

In 2019, I joined Realm Real Estate Professionals to begin my own group Garza Texas Realty. The best part of my job? Being able to provide my clients with a detail-oriented, proactive, and enjoyable experience.

Apart from real estate, I have always had a high interest in travel, fashion, interior design, health and beauty. You can find my take on these topics by adding my socials {links on next page} where I often post inspiration, trends, realty-related content, and my personal journey through life! Cheers and enjoy. Xx