Love At First Fit

I blog about fashion, because drip is immortal!

*insert Uche Natori British accent* “Hellooooo my loves! I’m Kamvalethu Cengani (ig : @cengani_k) and welcome to my blog Love At First Fit !

A bit about me — I am 20 years old, South African (umXhosa), commercial model living in Johannesburg. I study Architecture at Wits University. My interests in fashion and social media are probably the biggest drivers of this blog ... followed by a lack of blogs/ information on the internet that showcase the kinds of styles that I like. I am an introvert so I spend more time admiring drip on pinterest & instagram than in real life you know...

I’m a huge fan of street style , layering & rich tones (i guess i’m a “skrr skrr”, but i prefer not to be called that :)) & i’m also into a bit of make up ... & by make up i mean @naezrahlooks kinda make up, because i’m a coloful girl.

Sooooo ...! This blog is here to give you tips on how to create simple , yet playful looks out of basic clothing items without having to overspend!

Enjoy 😁🌻

Instagram Special - Editing


Vintage/Retro fashion has been a thing from 2013 & has only been getting better since . Not only do influencers dress the part but they also curate the part.

Take a look at these apps that you might like to use to serve feed!

App #1 - iOS Editing Feature

With a bit of maneuvering & playing around this app , you can create that 80’s daylight photography/ polaroid camera effect. The main features to look at are the contrast (decreased) & the shadows (increased) features.