Welcome Mama, I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Cass!

I’m a mama to two amazing boys, a wife to my handsome husband & a registered nurse. My mission for as long as I can remember is to empower women to find more wellness in their life.

After becoming a mama in 2020 with my first son, I felt a lack of resources and support in my post partum journey. As someone who was always extremely active and health conscious before having a baby I felt lost and unsure how to navigate this new chapter of my life. I felt disconnected and foreign in my own body. I realized if I felt that way, how many other mamas feel the same?!

That one thought created the vision for my business Center Her Wellness! 🌿

Center Her Wellness was designed with the postpartum mama in mind and is a place that offers support, education and empowerment to new and existing mamas dumring their fourth trimester. This is done through my thorough Postpartum Course that takes each mama through
As a mom you are at the core of just about everything in your life and are designed to play an extremely important role in your family. CHW is founded on the belief that if you are centered in your mental, physical, and emotional wellness then you will build more resilience to handle the demands of motherhood.

CHW offers new I’m here to help you center your wellness through realistic and applicable tools that will empower you to have a better postpartum experience because you deserve to be supported as you were also born (or reborn) as a mama.

Center Her Wellness

Postpartum Course

Welcoming a new baby into the world is an extremely exciting time! There is often much thought that goes into preparing for pregnancy, birth and milestones baby will achieve.

However, one completely different, yet equally vital transition that occurs after birth and is commonly under looked is the transition to motherhood.

Navigating postpartum recovery and healing is not easy and often leaves mothers with many unanswered questions.

That is why as a nurse and a mama I believe having a plan for this massive transition into motherhood is crucial.

Center Her Wellness 12 Week Postpartum Course will give a new or existing mama the support, education and empowerment she needs to navigate her postpartum with more grace, patience and confidence.

The course will cover various topics such as pelvic floor healing and recovery, 360 breathing, posture awareness, diastasis recti, post pregnancy hormones, breastfeeding, mental health support, nutrition and more. It is a dynamic and comprehensive plan designed to help any postpartum mother center her wellness in the first 12 weeks after birth.

The goal is to use the first 12 weeks to set a healthy foundation for the next 12 months of healing and recovery that will take place.

I’m proud of you for taking the first step towards making your wellness a priority.
It may not always mean you first mama, but it definitely means you too!



Center Her Wellness

The Gathering

When your new, beautiful baby arrives you’re going to have enough on your plate so let me help you take care of filling yours.

The Gathering is a designated time with the people you love most to prepare meals for your early days postpartum allowing you to focus on your transition to motherhood while having nutritious ready to eat meals at your finger tips. Choose from uniquely designed menus with options for breakfast, snacks and dinners.

Perfect event to pair with your baby shower or schedule with a smaller group for a more quant gathering.

*Local SC mamas only. Willing to travel to surrounding areas for an additional fee.*

A Few Fun Facts

About me

This is my little family & let’s just say I’m obsessed with them - Kev, Deke, Cade & Kona girl.

I’m originally from CO, but lived in AZ and now in SC!

I’ve always known I was put on this Earth to serve people in their health & wellness.

I’ve been a RN since 2018 with my most recent experience in NICU & deliveries.

I have a previous degree in Exercise Science and have always had a passion for fitness.

I was super hesitant to be a mama, but now can’t imagine my life without our two little nuggets!

On my free time you can find me at the lake with the fam, hiking, chasing our boys, browsing a local farmers market or at happy hour enjoying a dirty gin martini.