Hey, I’m Cass!

Mama, Registered Nurse, healthy living advocate, personal trainer + nutrition guru.

Welcome to my page! I’m so happy you’re here! My mission for as long as I can remember is to help other women find more choices & wellness in their lives! I believe women play a special role on Earth, one our Creator specifically designed us for. Plus He knew Adam would be pretty useless on his own which is why Eve was created.

Center Her Wellness is founded on the belief that if women are “centered” in their wellness, fitness, mental health, spiritual health, etc. then everything around them will be whole.

As a wife, mama, and registered nurse I have often had trouble being centered or finding balance myself in life which is why Center Her Wellness was born. Knowing I struggled with this means I can’t be the only one and I’ve talked to countless other nurses and mamas that struggle with the same thing - finding time to invest in themselves while also wholeheartedly caring for their family and loved ones.

Simply put you can’t pour from an empty cup and if your loved ones are only getting what’s left of you, is that good enough for you? I’m here to help you center your wellness through practical, realistic, applicable tools that can help you start showing up more fulfilled in your career, present at home and centered in yourself.


This is my wonderful little family that it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with - Kevin, Deacon (1), Kona (5).

For as long as I can remember health, wellness and people have always been extremely important to me. I became a registered nurse three years ago because I wanted to make a bigger, direct impact on people’s well-being. I became a certified personal trainer because I wanted to educate people how to move their body. For six years I have done nutrition consults with clients and designed specific nutrition and exercise plans to fit their needs and goals. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle to teach by example with a focus of preventative wellness for women specifically.