Check your mindset as much as you check your phone

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by my page. I'm Ceriann (siri-ann), but my friends call me Ceri.

I'm 27 years old, a full-time Teacher Assistant, a wife, and a new first time mommy of TWIN boys who are my world! With a crazy life schedule I wouldn't make myself a priority. Most days consists of the famous "tita bun" and some days I'm lucky to even leave home with eyebrows or eye makeup. So you can just imagine life with twins how much times I actually spend washing or caring for my hair. But I had to change my mindset and tell myself "the best investment I can make is in myself."

Coming from a small island with limited opportunities I've FINALLY decided to take a leap of faith on this business that gives me a chance to work with an amazing team of "goal-getters" of men and women who motivate each other every day to want more in life, to build confidence, while taking care of yourself with healthy vegan products, and inspire others along the way. All while working from home or the convenience of your phone. Who wouldn't take up that opportunity?

So with that being said if you're here because you're looking for something more in life, whether it's confidence, motivation, or an investment in yourself, then you can fill out my "work with me" form on the next page and we can get this together!

I can't wait to help you change your life, in one way, or another. I'm here to grow, inspire, and connect with you! Self care has NO gender, so this is open for EVERYONE and ANYONE who wants it!

- Ceri