hey everyone welcome to @cgdbalance website ! ( ib addscherie)

here is a list of stuff you will find

- about me
- colouring tutorial
- fonts
- thank you page
- more

about me !

here are some stuff about me !

hey! my name is mia, im 11 years old and I live in london! im in year 7 I just started. I have an average height I’d say and I’m brunette with brown eyes. Some of my fav hobbies are baking, gymnastics and editing!


here’s the colouring I use (cc dunkiespai i think)

1. Go to the app “24FPS” import your video / photo click the green, red, and blue dots thingy and import the QR code at the top to 100% QR CODE NAME: Tak3 on M3
2. go to the app “ultralight” import your video and add clarity to -10, sharpen to -10, noise -10, and pink saturation +4
3. go to the app prequel and go to “adjusts”
contrast -25 highlights +100 shadows -100
skintone 30 saturation-25 blur 50-75 and then go to filters:
Boston: 15
And then go to effect and choose dust
Filter 0
Dust 100
4. Go to colourtone and pick “jasmine hand”
and pick “marble” 50-70
5. Then add your text and your done!


here are some fonts that I recommend

austhina brush
- autumn dingbats
- azalleia ornaments
- bakso sapi
- pretty you (not on dafont)
- better together caps
- better together spaced
- butterflies
- byom icons
- cream demo
- DJB doodled
- nyan
- futura handwritten
- gentle remind
- garlic salt extras
- habede doodles
- grunge strokes
- kg arrows
- kg flavor and frames three
- local brewery stans
- loveya
- lovtony script
- menina graciosa
- momcake bold
- mountains
- panic
- sant joan
- summer coast
- walkway bonus
- hug me tight
- shorelines script
- winter fun
download them on dafont.com !

thank you !

a thank you card for YOU

I’m so grateful for each and every one of you I hit 10k in a week I was shocked I can’t believe it and I don’t care that you guys aren’t active but thank you for even following it means so much I can’t believe it like imagine speaking to 13,000+ people that’s insane thank you so much i cannot believe it ilysm !