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Easy tutorials and easy hacks

I will show
•colour ruts
•good fonts
•and more 💗

Colouring tutorial <3 •1•

Pls give ib to me <3

Apps needed

•go on to 24fps and insert the qr code

•next go on to prequel and follow the steps
•contrast -25
•highlights -25
•sharpen 25
•blur 25

save it and your done <3

Best colourings <3

•pink cafe
•bright aura

Good fonts <3

•hug me tight
•pink chicken regular
•keep on truckin
•garlic salt
•kg chasing cars
•kg flavour and frames
•shorelines script
•Harry p
•kg happy
•one signature
•autumn chant
•lemon milk
•sant joan
•refresh regular

External link

Colouring tutorial •2•

Apps needed-

•first go on to 24FPS and use the code
•filter• red flavour

•next go on to prequel and follow the steps


•intro•iris blur

•next go onto ultralight and follow the steps


•then save it and your done!!

my personal recommendations <3

•if you are a new fanpage and you are scared of getting hate, turn your comments off or put them on friends only

•if someone starts hating on you or is being rude etc, don’t argue back just block them or delete the comment as you may get suspended from posting or even banned

•if you use someone’s idea or colouring or anything else give ib be I they may see it and know it’s there’s and that can cause an argument

•lastly enjoy yourself and stay on my page or check out more!ore will be coming soon so keep an eye out byee <3

Colouring tutorial <3 •3•

Apps needed

•first go to prequel and follow these steps
•exposure• 100
•intro•iris blur

•filter• Stockholm 25

•effect• dust 100

•next go on to Colourtone
•Avalon• 0.35

•next go to 24FPS and import the code

•then save it!!