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Hello! My name is Amber I am 12 years old a libra and born on October 10 2009! in this website it will have my bio, caption, colouring tutorial and question ideas!

Bio and Caption!

Bio:⌗ 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗶 ✿
— have a good day today!
not impersonating!
Caption:- 🐠 write smth here! | 💐:: tags here!

My Coloring Tutorial

Filter:lollipop 35%
The settings are: 0,20 or 30,0,0

    Last but not least we have question ideas!

    - do u have ur dream user?
    - do you take jokes?
    - whats your favorite font?
    - whats your favorite shirt?
    - do you sleep alone or with your parents?
    - where is your best place for dancing?
    - are you team night or day?
    - how much acc u have?
    - what game that you not play anymore but is still on ur phone?
    - team anime or kpop?
    if funimate and video star had a fight whos side would you be on? do u have ur dream user?
    whos your fav youtuber?
    - do u like online school or offline?
    -what year do you think your idol posted the best content in?
    -describe your idol in 3 words!
    -have you started a cult?
    -what would you do if there's a zombie apocalypse
    Do you use “😂” or “😭” for laughing
    if we switched allergies, would I be allergic to anything or not? If yes then what would it be
    if you had to eat the same thing for the whole day what would you eat?
    Name an app with the first letter of your name
    what are 3 thing your planing on to do this summer?
    - who is your fav parent(if you have one, if u don’t im so sorry)
    - if you have iphone you have to copy-link
    - do you have your own room
    - what is your dream user
    If I made my own coloring, would u use it?
    Only hackers can write œ can u do it
    What's the colour of ur phone
    Do u play fortnite
    Do u play roblox
    Is ur idol friends with my idol
    if you could choose any superpower, which one would u choose?
    If you could spend a day with a celeb who would they be?
    Do you use your left or right hand
    Tag a fanpage you know wont reply
    Is your favorite tiktok ear also a Youtuber?
    If u had a fandom what would u call it
    Would you rather live in the past or future in
    What animal turns about 200 times around its axis after it dies?

    Do you have your dream pet?
    Are you old enough for funimate?
    Your 5th @ is playing roblox without you! (put a random letter for the @)
    -whats your favourite ice cream flavor?
    -do you have your own bedroom?
    -what’s your favourite app?
    -whats a app that you never use?
    -if you had 100$ free what would you buy with them?
    if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
    Tag your old username and see if its taken
    Start a jules chain!
    have you ever been in a jules chain?