My coloring, theme, and about me.

I am a 12 year old fp. My name is Adeline, it’s very elegant. I have a little sister and my mom and dad. I have two ginger kitty’s. One is a maincoon, his name is big boy he very fluffy and big. I have another one, he is a tabby cat I named him Kingsley. I have not one but two essentially charli books. I have a water bottle full of stickers from the books. I turn 13 on November 16. Also what keeps my world going is charli💖


I made it but it may look similar to someone’s idk.

Ok so first you screen shot this code. Go into 24 FPS and you go to top click the plus and do the second button. Next you go to prequel. Go to effects and do dust at 100 dust and filter 15. Next go to adjust and exposure 15, contrast -50, highlights 45, skin tone -50, glow 25 and blur if you want to. Then go to colortone and go to brooklyn Kelly collection and do amoli. Go back to prequel and go to intro and do Iris blur.

Theme tut+ palette

My theme and on how I do it + color palette

For my theme I use the font love for my questions, loverine for my water mark and I use lemon milk for my intro.
The app I use is vont.
The color codes for my intro is
#BFBFBF #EFBAB5 #FAE1DD and #D6D1CC. How i do my water mark is i go to blend in style and click softlight.
Also to get the fonts look up da font.