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Here, you will find links to charli colored photos, videos, username ideas, question ideas and basically everything you need as an fp!



1) Oh no! We switched Names, whats my new name?
2) Oh no! You and your idol switched names, whats their new name?
3) Don't be shy, tag my last follower!
4) Don't be shy, tag YOUR last follower.
5) Comment your idols name and if I like your comment, I support them!
6) You did a math test, your battery percent is your score out of 100!!
7) Comment your zodiac sign and find your twins!
8) Would you make a fanpage or a hatepage for your first @?
9) What's your dream holiday destination?
10) What's your favourite song at the moment?
11) What's your favourite Tv show?
12) If my Account had a smell what would it be?
13) Rate my Account out of 10!
14) If you can make me say "Insert Idols Name here" I will spam you and give you a shout out (only if you want!)
15) If your username has the letter "c" in it, you have to copy link!
16) Its time for dinner! Your most recent food emoji is what you're having!
17) Tag your old username to see if it's taken!
18) Would you switch your total amount of likes with your followers?
19) What would you do if you had your idols account for a day?
20) Say "Fanpage" but replace F the first letter of your Name!
21) Who is "Insert Idols Name here" wrong answers only!
22) Name an app that starts with the first letter of your Name!
23) What's the worst thing about being a fanpage?
24) What's the best thing about being a fanpage?
25) If vivid was gone for 24 hours, what would you do?
26) If your idol didn't exist who would be your new one?
27) Do you like small and simple themes or big and complicated themes?
28) Have you had your golden birthday yet?
29) How many likes does the video above have?
30) Tag the person who posted the video above mine!
31) What country are you from?
32) Its January 2010. How old are you?
33) You can't leave this video until you get a notification! Copy link as a free pass!
34) Paste the last thing you copied in the comments!!
35) Are you older or younger than your battery percent?
36) Your idol is following people with 1k+, are you getting followed?
37) What's the first tik tok dance you ever learnt?
38) Describe your idol with 3 emojis and let people guess who it is in the comments!
39) Is this video on your fyp or your following?
40) Are you a question or editing fanpage?
41) What time does your school start and end?
42) Is your bday closer to mine or my idols "write your idols bday here"
43) Do you support Zoe Laverne?
44) Tag a Heather in the comments!
45) Do you know any fanpages in real life?
46) Who are your top 3 stans?
47) Tag 2 fanpages and whoever replies first wins!
48) Do you support Grandeslounge after she called me ugly?
49) Have you gotten a follow from "Insert username here" yet?
50) add "k" to the end of your battery percent and that's how many followers you'll gain by the end of 2021!!