Welcome to my milkshake website

Hello! I’m cgsnkins and I’m gonna be showing tips, some colourings, fonts that can be downloaded from dafont.com, question ideas
and bios

Here’s some facts about me:

I will always be happy with how many actives followers and likes I have the main reason I have this account is for Charli Addison and you guys

my favourite colour is baby blue and black (i know it’s a shade)

Right now I’m not looking for ibfs but I will be soon maybe?

That’s it for now :) slide to the next page for some captions


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Question ideas

what is your style
what is your favorite color of charlis hair
what is most stressful in your life right now?
who is your idols best friend
do you have any siblings
what is your favorite type of account
what’s ur fav news channel?
what was your attendance question today for school?
what’s ur favorite candy cane flavor?
what’s ur fav type of stickers for ur fp?
do u use a private or public browser on google?
what’s roblox item u wear the most?
what’s a thing you do that most ppl don’t?
(example: milk before cereal)

what’s ur go to midnight snack?
what’s ur fav lip product?
would u still finish your meal if u found a hair in
How long have you have tiktok for?
What’s your dean job?
How many birthday party have you been to?
do you have a workout room in ur house?
what’s ur perfect TikTok?


If I like your comment I support your idol
Would you get a tattoo of your recent emoji
If your life was a movie what would it be called
How many letters are in your name
Did you make your own theme
If you needed to change your username what would you change it to?
How many drafts do you have
Why did you download tiktok
What emoji would you pay to be made
How many accs do you have
Are we in the same fandom
Tag your crush or copylink
Do you add aesthetic music to your vids
Your idol is quitting! Your third recent emoji is your reaction
What do your friends describe you as
What does your mom call you
If your idol didn’t exist who would you be a fp for
If I only followed sunraes would you be followed
If your user has an “a” you have to copylink
Does (your user) follow you
If you had a smalll business what would you sell
what’s does your yet recomended mainly have
Does it snow where you live
Is your dream user taken
Do you have actives?
Do you allow self promo on your account?
Do you have a yt channel
Do you support Zoe Laverne
Do you watch your idols yt channel
What’s your dream job
What’s a memory that’s stuck with you
Describe yourself with 4 emoji
Describe your parents with 2 emojis
Do you watch Albert/flamingo
Have you watched all hp movies
How many phone have you had
Does your room have an aesthetic
If your fav color is blue you have to copylink
How many ear piercing do you have
Tag your fp idol to see if they reply
Do you regret your Snapchat username
How long have you had your acc
Do you prefer pants or dresses (or shirts and crop tops)
Does one of your friends like you
Do you like the color of your eyes
What’s your fav childhood show
Do you follow people back
Do you have a fp
How many fps do you think your idol has
Why did you make your acc
What’s your fav led color
Are you over the age of 10
Describe yourself
Pick a number 1-10 then find your number twin
If you could go back to any year, Which would it be and why
Do you test back quickly

Some fonts!

- children sans - summer coast - good mood -
butterflies -
sunday best -
byom icons -
winterfun -
muthiara -
biko - doodle frames -
aracne -
- wm valentine
- UIMockup
- stanberry - hipster icon
- beauty (icons)
- eternal
- loveyadoodle
- angora
- honey moon
- fbnyan
- habede extra doodles
- letters for learners
- dinomik
- lovtony fonts not on dafont :
- pretty you - poppy
- pixopopkawaiigirls


Post 1-4 times a day!
Don’t do spam for spam (your get
use trending sounds
give ib!
follow back some/manly your followers
be active!
use hashtags!
use aesthetic sounds or some sounds
I use!

Good accounts for sounds:

A random Colouring

24FPS :
. find the filter called “talk to me” and save ur video.

ultralight :
clarity = -7
saturation :
red = +4

- exposure = -30
- contrast = -35
- highlights = -30
- shadows = - 50
- haze = 15
- glow = 15
- blur = 25
- effects : dust
- dust = 50
- filter = 20
colourtone :
filter : avalon with
the intensity of 80%
options : u can add
the avalon filter before
OR after u add ur text !!

Hope u enjoy

Tell the world what you’re made of

That’s it for now hope you enjoy my account if u have any help just ask me and I’ll help you! You can ask me help for captions
bios tips sound and stuff!