Welcome —

I’m Chad

I’m a husband and dad to four children, US Navy retired and an enthusiast of health, wellness and fitness. My passion is fulfilled through seeking to help others ignite that spark to change their lives through health, healing and happiness.

My own journey began after high school when I joined the US Navy. Shortly into my chosen field as a Radar Navigation Specialist, I was assigned to a small vessel called the USS San Jacinto. After my first 7 month deployment overseas I quickly realized I was deficient in all aspects of health. Namely sleep issues, stress and effects of close quarters to other sailors. I quickly gained knowledge from an older, fit leader who was in charge of the fitness program for all sailors on the ship. Soon after, I became his assistant as a fitness leader at the age of 19. This was the spark that led to me being a Command Fitness Leader for the rest of my military career. I taught and led over 7,000 sailors during my tenure on ships and a submarine.

Since retiring from the Navy, I have enjoyed spending time with my wife, Jordan, and our four children. We are grateful to have found added tools that assist us in our wellness journey. From the products to the business, it has helped our family in so many ways.

I'm here to teach you all that I know, plug you into our community and share this journey with you!


Why I Chose YL

The Business Opportunity

After 20 years of military service which involved deployments, long working hours and a whole lot of stress I decided that once I retired from the Navy I no longer wanted to work for a boss. My true desire was to live a healthy, happy life and that meant being there (fully present) for my wife and children.

My wife, Jordan, started incorporating Young Living’s products into our home and life. I soon began using CBD oil, drinking NingKia Red daily and using oils to help with sleep and muscle tension after workouts. She was working the business side as well and I noticed how much she loved it and was moving up in rank. I realized that not only did I want to support her but I also wanted to be involved in the business so that it could one day not only allow us to be financially free but to have freedom to live out our dreams and desires and for our kids to be able to do the same!