Chaleur Clothing Company!

Chaleur clothing company is a roblox clothing company! They wanna give people a chance in what a real job is!

You will get payed and will get the most best experience ever! We are the most organized at the moment and have grown from when we started!

External link

Job info and Interview links!

Find a job and fill out the form!

Find a job that fits you then fill out the interview form! We will look over them and contact you ASAP!

Model 🤍

A model helps advertise out clothing! Strutting down the runway with your fancy and sassy Chaleur clothing while the photographers take pictures!

Admin 💜

Help the company by filling in for the owners and getting the girls ready! Help out at meetings and trainings!

Social ❤️

Socials will help answer comments, DMS, and questions people have they will also have there own account, if people had any problems or questions they could DM them on that account :)

Designer 💛

Help find new designs for clothing, name
them, and make them! All credit will go to who ever made them, if you want to do this but don’t know how we will have a special training for people who wanna learn how to do it!

Security 🧡

Guard our meetings, shows, comps, and trainings! Have an upper admin access to have an upper power over the other people in the games (so you can kick and ban people FOR A REASON!!!)

Photographer 💙

Take photos at trainings, meetings, comps, shows, and photoshoots! Pick what type of photo shoot you want and the theme!

Manager 🤎

Manage the models, get more information, and assist the people who need help! Help organize times for things, update the models, and be a leader for the models!

Editor 💚

Edit videos and pictures in your own way or style or a specific way we want!



Have you ever wanted to act but never knew where to start? We might not be able to help you but you can act for us!

We are an at home working company where you will be able to act on a real set in roblox! We will do plays, movies, series, ect. On our website the play audition info and tickets will also be on here! Hope your excited cause we most certainly are!