It’s ya girl Chanelle Patriece!

I might be the girl on your newsfeed that changes your life...

The end of 2020, I was silently praying for a solution. I had just had my second child a few months back and due to the pandemic hadn’t worked all year. My savings was almost depleted and I was discouraged. I had a few really hard losses & truthfully I lost myself. Nobody knew how badly I was struggling. But I prayed every night that God would make a way for my little family to have more freedom, and for a way to find ‘Chanelle’ again.
One day, a mom from Facebook contacted me, I saw the smiling face of a girl posting about her social media marketing business. I felt this glimmer of hope as I read her story, but I also didn’t think I was the right fit for something like that! But God kept whispering to my heart—to go for it. When she reached out after a short few days of being hesitant I decided to join. That moment of bravery changed everything.
A month after starting my direct sales business, we had the extra monthly money I was hoping for! And I realized in that moment—God had led me to that girl on Facebook for SO MUCH MORE. Just a few months in I covered Christmas, 3 birthdays and had something to pamper myself (as I should!), my income was more than I could have dreamt & I was able to stay safe at with my kids, get healthy and help others reach their goals, all while making money!
Today, we have more freedom than ever. We are happier & our lives revolve around being the best stress free parents to our little ones . One girl on my newsfeed changed my life. Five seconds of courage bought my freedom. ☆
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