Love Is Everything

Wandering Yogi

Our life journey is a beautiful experience filled with many different phases that condition our souls purpose on this earth. I believe that we all have hidden talents that we may or may not know how to discover or connect to which can leave us feeling lost..

About 5 years ago I found myself in a very dark place which made it extremely challenging to live a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically. I felt stuck, unmotivated, unworthy and chaotic. Life felt numb to say the least and being in that kind of state can create a deep emptiness.

Today I am seeing life in full colours and embracing the darkness that is still apart of me because it continues to help me grow. It’s the yin and yang effect, you must have both to feel balanced and whole. My path has given me so much introspection so that I could flourish and bloom beyond these set backs.

My goal is to support and guide others to their highest potential, their truth, their core happiness. I am certified in Holistic and Sports Nutrition, Eastern Medicine and Mental health. Currently taking on new clients with a free assessment to understand and connect on a more personal basis. I would be blessed to be part of your journey, look forward to meeting you!

Life Is Beautiful  —

Her aura is made of poetry, roses and galaxies