Chantal Ryan

A masters student, sister, girlfriend, daughter, friend, and so much more...

My name is Chantal, and I am a 24 year old Masters student in the Niagara region. Back in May 2020, I started my own health and fitness journey with the goals to improve my physical and mental health.

Now, I never started this journey as a coach. However, once I was in, I was in love. The community, support, and encouragement, matched with exceptional workout programs and whole, clean supplements were like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I knew this time, my health and fitness journey would be different. I knew this time it was going to stick.

Within 2 weeks of starting, I messaged my coach saying that I myself wanted to be a coach. Because I loved what I got so much that I WANTED to share it with my friends and family. Plus, who doesn’t love a little extra side cash?! 🤣 This program has been life changing. The workouts are better than I got at the gym. And it’s not just me saying this. Even my clients agree! My results are better. I am better. There’s something so empowering about seeing your hard work pay off and improvements happen.

Still not convinced this is better than a regular gym membership? Could I change your mind if I told you that you will receive not one, but TWO professional nutrition plans/guides and all of the tools to make them easy to follow. How about if I told you that you’ll also get access to a group full of supportive and encouraging women, who are just like you, women simply trying to better themselves and support others in the process. Or what if I told you that you will get actual workout equipment, and superfood shakes to get you your daily dense dose of nutrition?!

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking whether or not this is for you. Well if you’re thinking about it, or curious, then I promise it is for you. Scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the interest form. You won’t regret it. And right now you’re probably trying to talk yourself out of it by saying “it’ll be too expensive” or “I don’t have the time”. Well guess what, great news, this is cheaper than ANY gym membership will ever be (that’s right, even cheaper than those discount gyms), AND you choose your schedule. You choose when you can workout. You choose when you show up for yourself. Trust me, if I can make time for myself as a full time masters thesis student, who teaches an undergraduate anatomy lab, while also working a part time job and somehow maintaining a social life, so can you.

So enough reading! Head over to my interest form (not commitment, just interest) and fill it out! Let me show you how to live your healthiest, happiest life- and how to fit it into that busy schedule of yours! Because you deserve this. You deserve a group of women who will inspire and motivate and support you. You deserve access to workouts you love. You deserve the world. So give yourself the chance and open this door. I can’t wait to talk to ya soon 🥰

Xoxo, Chantal