Charles Ojochide Vincent (born on February 1, 1997), also known as Chaojovin (the acronymous form of his full name), is a Nigerian-born author, a songwriter, a singer, a visual artist, an Omnist Unitarian Universalist spiritual philosopher, a (Christic) lightbearer, a spiritual life coach and counselor, a humanitarian and an environmentalist.

Chaojovin cares very much about the welfare of his fellow humans. Hence he is very committed to helping others in whatever ways he can to realize healing, balance and peace within themselves.

Chaojovin promotes unconditional love, peaceful coexistence and creative collaboration between all humans regardless of their individual differences and preferences. Chaojovin also cares about preserving the natural ecosystems of our planet Earth.

In his own very words: “My sole mission in this life is to help bring divine healing, salvation, balance, peace and bliss to everyone everywhere through the radiation of the Love-Light of the One Universal Christ within me. I am here to raise Christ Consciousness in the Earth-world and to help create Heaven on Earth for every being, and I am not alone on this mission.”

Chaojovin is the founder of Selcc, a new religious movement or alternative spirituality as well as The Universal Love and Peace Fellowship, aka Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, Self-realization, Self-empowerment, and Self-actualization in Christ Consciousness, aka Divine Love Lightbearers to the Rest of Humankind (TULAPEF/CENSELCC/DLLITROH) — which is the official organization founded on the principles and practices of Selcc.

Chaojovin researches, writes, speaks and teaches on all things relating to spiritual philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism and self-improvement; with his research, writings and teachings encompassing a very wide range of subjects.

Chaojovin also enjoys writing songs, singing and creating fine art (mostly with pencils on paper and paints on canvas, and a little bit of digital art).

Regarding his art, Chaojovin mostly creates expressionist-cum-realistic paintings with imagery depicting or representing nature, the human figure, and spiritual cum mystical themes bordering on or including the surreal.

Chaojovin’s songs talk about and emphasize the power of altruism or selfless unconditional love, (the need for) peace in both our inner worlds and outer worlds, the oneness of all life, freedom, self-realization, and human potential for greatness. His songs are intentioned and dedicated to making the unconscious (become) conscious and helping to heal wounded psyches.

It is his firm conviction that since music and or songs moves people’s minds, the world needs more music and or songs that move people’s minds in the direction of altruistic love, unconditional kindness, world peace and unity, self-realization, and self-actualization.

Chaojovin is currently working on his debut 6-track EP/album titled “Unleashed”. You are very welcome to support him in making the dream become a reality.

Chaojovin is open to collaborating with like minds, and he welcomes donations to help him cover some of the costs of publishing his books and producing his music.

You can reach him directly via the following contact details:

Email: chaojovinsolaris@gmail.com

Call/SMS/WhatsApp: +234-703-703-9644

Telegram: @Chaojovin or via +234-703-703-9644

Facebook: Profile — Charles Ojochide Vincent

Official Page — Chaojovin the Lightbearer

Instagram: @Chaojovin

Twitter: @Chaojovin

Be blessed and peace ever be to you!