Your Alchemist

Finding The Order In The Chaos

Born in Detroit, MI, Kayla was drawn to the occult at an early age, mainly due to her introduction to occultic themes in the music she listened to. Artist like David Bowie, Jim Morrison, and a slew of other planted little seeds throughout their music, which Kayla readily gathered. This thrust her into the world of the occult in books in order to understand what she was hearing, however, it wasn't until she was introduced to Bobby Hemmitt videos on Youtube, that she began to put the 'useless' knowledge she had been acquiring into practice.

"I found that all those years, reading those weird books, had prepared me to not only understand Bobby Hemmitt, but shoot off, like a rocket into my spirituality. I continued to study all aspects of spirituality, but continuously came back to alchemy."

Through her love of alchemy, Kayla found a love and deep reverence for herbs. She then began to dedicate herself to the study of herbs and crystals to further understand their physical and spiritual properties and uses.

Through her studies, Kayla has developed a level of comfort that allows her to now bring to life the tools that she had only imagined. Marrying the metaphysical to the psychological, Kayla has developed "The Fifth Element" Series, where orgone energy is used as the main vehicle of transmutation.

Using alchemical principles such as creating pieces on certain days and at certain times (to capture the strongest signature and vibration for the purpose of the piece). Using herbalism and her knowledge of crystals, she is able to blend the corresponding elements to create the strong energy transmuting orgones.

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