Life Chapters... This is Mine

Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend, Artist... a few hats I wear in this journey so called Life!

Hello... so glad to have met you! Welcome to my world. I’ve been in this journey called Life for a little over half a century. Yes, half a century. For the most part of this journey I’ve met and learned so many things from being an Oncology Nurse. Yes the big C - and still at it... caring for, listening to, laughing with and crying too with the most extra ordinary human beings on this earth, in my opinion. It is because of them that I have the views that i have now.
Fast forward... I needed to explore the magnificence of bringing out the best in someone - the beauty that is sometimes pushed aside in order to tackle and survive the everyday grind. BUT the magic begins when that beauty resurface the confidence exudes and EVERYTHING is lighter, brighter.
It is one thing for someone to say you’re beautiful and another to say ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’
Join me in this journey, talks of sisterhood on beauty, health, family, food, lifestyle and all the other tidbits we encounter along the way.

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