How I found my love for travel

”I wanted to travel, eat new foods and move away more than anything”

I kind of stumbled on my love for travel...

I was so dead set on the path they preach to you about in school... go to uni...get a good successful... settle down that travelling to me just seemed like something people with a lot of money did! I thought I’d have to stick to one holiday a year like most people!
When my A levels didn’t go the way I wanted I was honestly heart broken and I had no idea where to go or what to do next.
Kind of like a mini breakdown!

I lived in a small town, I had a good job that I was progressing well in when I suddenly realised that everyone around me was older and doing the same role! I loved everyone I worked with but I knew I wanted more! I didn’t want to be stuck in a job I wasn’t in love with!
No that I couldn’t have my first vision of perfection (the degree and dream job);
I wanted to travel, eat new foods and move away from my town more than anything!
I was sat in a Wetherspoons for my best friends birthday and I just happened upon an opportunity to work abroad for the summer and I thought about it for a few days “I couldn’t go alone” “I can’t be away from everyone I know” “I don’t speak the language” “I’ve only ever been abroad once” so many worries!

But In the end I said YES!

That was 5 years ago now, I’ve now moved to Mallorca permanently and have got an apartment with my wonderful boyfriend who I met over here!

I guess what I’m saying is take the jump, take that leap of faith and believe in yourself! Say YES to opportunities that come up because if I hadn’t have been sat in that Wetherspoons that night who knows there I’d be now!

The Opportunity

Let’s Travel MORE for LESS

I mean most people I speak too always tell me they’re jealous of my lifestyle; I work for 6 months of the year in Spain and then travel for the other 6 months!
They always say they want to travel more. When I ask them why they don’t just do it then they say ‘too expensive’ ‘I can’t have time off work’ which is unfortunately a reality of working people of this generation!

This opportunity gives people the chance to build a reliable second income around current commitments so there’s no risk of you becoming income less!
It gives you the power to utilise your lunch hour, journey home, weekends and evenings to build a business for yourself that could potentially replace your income from your job!
I mean most of us use our phones/social media more hours in the day than we like to admit, so why not earn from it?
Travel is THE most lucrative industry and Network Marketing produces more MILLIONAIRES than any other career/job. Put the two together and what do you have?
A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to earn from something you love? Build a business for yourself not someone else?

If any of the above interests you get in touch via the link below!

I turned my love of travel into a paycheck

All I did was say YES!

In the last year me and my boyfriend have been on over 20 flights and visited New York, Las Vegas and Iceland to name a few!

So when someone told me I could save 100’s or maybe 1000’s on my bookings and I could even make money by showing people what I’d learned

Since I started my business (3 months ago) I’ve been to Rome and next week I go to Los Angeles!
I’ve saved 100’s on tickets and activities! I’m even more excited to plan our holidays for the end of the year! (We work April till October and travel the test of the time)

The best thing is you don’t even have to travel to be apart of this business, I mean it’s a bonus for you to save money on your own bookings; but people are always going to want to go on holiday! With Millennials spending more on holidays than any other generation this is the Perfect time to get involved in the Travel Industry!
Why not make money from what people are doing anyway?!
All you need is WiFi and the drive to build a business for yourself, that will pay you for your whole life!

Saying YES has changed my life!
Why not give it a try?

Top things to do and places to eat in Rome!

My top recommendations

My boyfriend and I had always dreamt of going to Rome! I love the food and the history of the city! We went in December 2019 and stayed for 4 days!

Recommendation #1

St Peters Basilica Climb and Crypts Tour!
Hands down my favourite activity, climbing to the top of the dome of St Peters Basilica!
I didn’t even know you could do this until the day before we went!
The views at the top are incredible!
Our guide was Titsiana and she was amazingly knowledge able, funny and gave us time to look around!
Definitely do this if you get the chance while in Rome!

Recommendation #2

The Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill!
This is a MUST! Like who goes to Rome and doesn’t see the Colosseum?!
The history and the exhibition they have is amazing! Being able to stand on the floor of the Colosseum and imagine what it must have been like was out of this world!

Recommendation #3

That’s Amore!
We ate here on our last night and omg it was amazing!
2 starters, 2 Mains and 4 drinks
About €45 for two.
(We couldn’t manage dessert but they looked lush)
Fresh food with amazing service!

Piccolo Buco

We ate here on our first night and omg it was definitely an amazing start to our trip!
The most incredible pizza I’ve ever eaten!
We went early around 6ish and when we left just after 7 the queue was down the street! Even though we were busy we didn’t feel rushes at all!
This restaurant uses all local products and it definitely tastes amazing!
The restaurant itself is TINY so it’s abit cramped in but we loved it none the less!

More food! Top tips!

A tip we found helpful was don’t eat anywhere where there is someone trying to drag you in!
I mean after all if their food is that good it should be busy anyway right?
This works a treat for us! We enjoyed all the meals we had!
Ice cream in Rome is like no other, I don’t know what makes it different it just is! Definitely have ice cream no matter the weather!
Cannolis, this was life changing for James haha! He’s still dreams of cannolis!
Another tip is don’t bother with public transport! Everything is within a 30 minute walk and the walks are so enjoyable they don’t even feel that long! The streets, buildings and things you see along the way are breathtaking! You’d miss all these sights on a bus or metro!
We did walk about 32km during our 4 day trip...
But so so so worth it!