Hello welcome to my milkshake web here is we’re you will find everything you will need including....
Coloring tutorial
Font pack
Question ideas
Tips for fps

Coloring tutorial

1. go onto “24fps” > import your video / photo > click the green, red and blue dots and import the QR code at the top to 100% QR CODE NAME: Tak3 on m3
2. go onto “Ultralight” import your video > add clarity to -10, sharpen to -10 and noise to -10
3. go onto “b612” > import your video and add the filter “fade 1” to 80% and add a bear filter (it’s just bear ears and it’s optional)
4. go onto “Prequel” add the filter “Oakland 2” to 50% > exposure to 50% and highlights to 50% and add sparkles to 50% (optional)
5. add your text and your all done ! ( btw pls give cc to addscherie )

Font pack  —

04b 30
Allthingscat ( not on dafont)
Fairy wings
Ham is cute
I love what you do
A Gentle touch
Barcode font
Gogon cocoa mochi
Lemon milk light
( remember give me tc if you use my theme )

Question ideas

What is your dream vacation?

What is your fav holiday?

What’s your address😏?(don’t say your real address)

share a funny story ( only if you whant to! )

What’s your religion ( if you don’t wanna say it you don’t have to! )

What’s your fav zodiac sign?

If you had one ticket to go anywhere in the world were would you go??

Tips for fps

Use viral/trending hashtags for example #fyp? #viral #youridolsname # your user #thefandomyourin # vont

And don’t spam people it gets them shadow banned and if you spam anyone I mean anyone they will block you!

Don’t like your own vids it can also get you shadow banned!

And if you wanna know if your shadow banned make a video saying “ is this on the fyp or folowing? “ and whatever gets the most votes mean that one like if more people say folowing your prob shadow banned if more people say fyp then your not shadow banned!

And lastly make a cmnt saying something like “ reply if you love my acc “ or reply if you love your pet “ or something like that then reply to the cmnt and when you do that whoever replied to your cmnt will get a notification that
you posted!