Charli Grace Damelio

I love u so much🥺💗

I started this account literally like joke because I was so bored and i was watching your youtube videos,tik toks,interviews then i realized that u are so kind,sweet and good person.I love u with my whole heart! Queen ur so talented and gorgeous! Stay happy and safe i love u!💗

My supporters


So i am so greatfull for u all and tysm for making me happy everyday when i woke up! I can't imagine how much 22k is! I am so hapoy that i have u guys here tu support my hard work! And i know that i get hate and a lot of people hate on me for no reason or just bc i am fanpage that dosen't mean that i am 8yo account who can't say nothing.Well we all have opinions but hate is not opinion and u can keep it for yourself<3



Well when i installed Tik Tok u was the first person i saw.And am really proud of u now.U are amazing singer and ur so beautiful and perfect.You can trust your fans and we can trust you!! I am not the biggest fan but i love u! Ans your smile making me happy everyday:)

About me


I am cancer! I really like to help animals and people.My grades are not totally perfect but i am trying my best.I actually have a lot of friends.But i have some fake and toxic "friends" i am always in argument with someone lol.I hate 🥒.Uhm i watch Miraculous and my fav is Tikki obviously.Ammmm i have crush but i won't tell u guys😏.I have sister and brother.My brother's name is Alexey and my sisters name is Natasha! I am the oldest one and i'm 13.I live in beautiful house with my mom,dad,siblings and grandparents! I love my family! Thats it basically:)