my youtube channel!

my lush aesthetics yt channel!

this is my new yt channel, which I will use to provide help so why not give a favor back by subscribing and sharing the word of my new yt channel, lush aesthetics!

my coloring

tiktok coloring

this is the coloring I use! enjoy! (all creds to @charldiors for the coloring only) you first use the qr code that I labeled as “first” in the app 24fps. you then go to the app prequel and use this settings in the section “adjust.” exposure: -16 contrast: -25 highlights: -50 shadows: -100, then scroll until you’ve reached haze, haze: 16 glow: 17 blur: optional. then click effects at the top and find the filter dust. press on it and adjust it to these, dust: 100 dust filter: 20. now go to filters and find oakland. adjust it to 13, now that you’re done with prequel go back into 24fps and import the qr code labeled “second.” you drag the 3 color dots down and set it to 38. now go into the app ultralight. you click the triangle and out clarity: -5 and sharpen: 10. finally you’re done with the coloring. feel free to add your own effects like snow, film on damage, etc. you can either add your own fonts or the theme sticker I use a few pages over!