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Hello Guys, ✨

So this little website in brief is explaining a little about me, and I’m happy you are here to read!

So my story starts back in the middle of high school, this was about year 9, in my school we we were always having these career shows and lessons on careers and I was puzzled to see what even my teachers were earning.

I expected so much more, considering they would put in so much time and effort.
So from speaking to some teachers I soon realised that it wasn’t your efforts that got you paid, and if you were ever to make a lot of money from a 9-5 you’d have to work up the corporate ladder for years or have heaps of debt which made many years of work deflating because you weren’t making much.

This was a massive awakening for me. Every rich millionaire or billionaire had passion. So from the age of 14 I knew there must be more to life then working your ass off for little money, so I was keen to learn how I could make more money...A lot of money.

I’ve always wanted to have nice things and I’ve always had to work hard to get those nice things, so from a young age Ive hustled and tried to make lots of money, I have made quite a bit of money with small side hustles here and there but I was still spending hours on hard graft to get it. from doing chores to getting jobs, to having businesses, so I’ve had my fair share of experience.

It was only when I reached 16 I soon came to realise that working a job from 9-5 or whatever hours, would never be for me.

I finally realised that I had to make big changes if I wasn’t to work a job, as I realised if I wasn’t feeling like working a day of work that meant I wasn’t going to make any money!
And to be quite honest, this kind of sucked.

All my life I’ve been wanting to grow and become rich and successful and I didn’t really know how, I desperately wanted to know how I could make my money work for me.
So back in 2019 November on my 18th Birthday I started a business, I had a a lady called Aaliyah reach out about an amazing opportunity that could change my life, now to be quite honest back then I didn’t believe it could, back then at the age of 18 I was working 4 jobs I was super busy and I didn’t really THINK I had the time to do any business so I didn’t apply myself, then last year 2020 around April time, Aaliyah got back in touch with me and said “I would still love to work with you Charlotte” and at the time I was watching her story’s everyday and I was so interested in how I could live at home and work from home. And have the best time making money from my phone, I was having serious FOMO (Fear of missing out) and that’s how my journey began.
I’m sure your interested to know what I do so in brief...
I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and have a side hustle that can be scalable, I work within network marketing which honestly is such a good way to make money, it’s a beauty referral business that I can do from anywhere I please. I’ve been doing this business properly for about a year now, around my commitments and job, and I’ve seen this business model truly change lives. And mine, although it’s definitely hard work it’s definitely a space which is so scalable if you work hard. It’s a get very very rich slow scheme, it’s brilliant.
And although I’m still growing as a business owner, I will keep updating my story. so you can see how my life transforms and changes for the better too.
I truly want to scream and shout about how amazing this business is, but I guess you will just have to get in touch. Because honestly once I explain how it all works you will be amazed! Xo


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