About Me

I’m on social media because I like to be social!

Welcome to this page if you happened to land on it! I’m Charlotte Lock, a forty something mum of 3 from Bournemouth in the U.K.
My world pretty much revolves around the chaotic life of the twins (boy and girl) and my eldest daughter who between them have more energy than an atomic bomb!
My passions in life are being active, being at the beach and helping others feel more body confident.
My turnaround moment for me on social media was when I started my own business which is tailored towards helping those who need a helping hand with their health, wellness and beauty goals.
I have helped hundreds of clients lose weight, tone up, detox and basically love the skin they’re in again!
Across TikTok, Instagram and Facebook I have the most wonderful collective of followers who champion my every move so I like to reach out and say hello regularly!

Currently I am on a journey of dealing with perimenopausal symptoms so I am exploring the links between nutrition and hormone realignment (for mood boosting).

I love being a mum, I love being an entrepreneur (making money on my terms) and I love making people laugh. That’s why you’ll often see some tomfoolery on my social media. Working should be fun right?

I’m always here for a friendly ear and championing those who want to better themselves!