Making a living & Traveling the World

Beauty, Beaches & Boss Babes

I'm a California girl traveling the world. Whether it's a far off land or in my own back yard I live for adventure. Activities like walking, dancing, and baking are my JAM!!!

I got really tired of commuting to work (LA traffic is the worst) and I'm so independent that a 9-5 job just isn't for me. Growing up, I always told my friends and family that I wanted to be a cosmetologist. I also have a knack for problem solving and oddly enough, numbers! 😀

I have my bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of California in Santa Cruz. I met my husband, Nat, while we were freshmen there and have been together ever since. He is a sailor, loves the water and boats and the sport of using the wind to move around.

After graduating in 2012 from undergrad, I worked for the Goldwell and KMS hair academy in Santa Monica, CA. My grandma got sick so I ended up moving in with her and my mom to help out around the house. The dream of studying beauty was still lingering in my head and after trying many different things I went for my Esthetician's license. I'm passionate about hair, skin and wellness. I'm working on getting my license where I currently am living, in the state of Florida.

I love meeting new people and helping them find a beauty routine that works for them. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I can discuss product ideas with you and share what I've learned over the years.