hello you guys! Im charlqs.com and i will be showing you how i make my coloring if you like it ! Enjoy bub ☻︎

so now loook at the steps and enjoy bub 🥺

So the apps are : alight motion ,prequel and colortone
first you go to alight motion,you insert your idol's video,you duplicate layer then you go to blending and opacity ,you click on diffrence then subract then you make it 56
second step : you add a recantgular shape,you make it as long as the vid is then you color it white ,you go to blending and opacity ,you click on contrast then you click on overlay
3 step: you press on the shape ,dupluicate the layer tgen you press on the first shspe ,go to blending and opacity then make it 70 and export!(you can make the fps 12 so it doesnt take alot of time )
after you go to prequel :
first step : you insert the vid that you did from alight motion ,go to effect,scroll until you find dust ,make everything 0 unless the dispersion make it 13
2 step: click on filter,then the filter called teal and put it on 100
3 step : go to adjust , exposure = 10 | contrast = -3 | sharpen = 25 | highlights= 10 | shadow = 100 then export!
last ,you go to colortone and insert the vid that you got from prequel and add cooge 1×
Thank you for reading bub 🥺💕 hope it helped ☻︎⌫🤍🖤


raes.fest Coloring tutorial !

Hey guys ! Today i'll be showing you how i do my coloring since alot of people have been asking me !

So this works also on android ! Anywats the apps are: prequel and colourtone !
First is prequel, go to effects jewelry, put everything on 0 exept for glow and despersion, put them both on 25
Then go to filters, add the teal and put it on 100, the go to adjust put exposure on 30, contrast on- 10 , saturation on 20, highlights on 30 and shadows on 100 then save ! After go to colourtone and add coogee once or twice and there you go ! That's my coloring, hope it helped y'all !

Raes.fest coloring tuto !

Hey guys ! Im raes.fest and today i'll show you how to make my coloring !!

The apps are :prequel and colourtone
First go to prequel, insert your video, go to effects, jewelry, put everything on 0 expet for glow and dispersion, put them both on 25, then go to filters, the teal one, put it on 100 and go to adjust, exposure:30| contast :-10 | saturation :20| highlights:30| and shadows :100, and export ! Then save to gallery
Then go to colourtone, insert the video from prequel put the filter cooge then save go back to prequel insert the video from colourtone and put the effect Diamond put the intensity on 50 and filter on 0 then export, save and you're done !