Here’s the fonts I use!

1. Kind heart
2. Kinan
3. Heart warming
4. Lemon milk bold
5. Cream demo
6. Cute icons
7. Dinomik
8. Garlic salt
9. Aracne
10. Bakso sapi
11. Go around the books
12. Hug me tight
13. Grunge strokes
14. Refresh
15. Spring romance
16. Winter fun
17. Lp nature
18. Pink chicken
19. Pumpkin cheesecake
20. Wildy sans
21. Kg red hands
22. Paris
23. Mermaid
24. Bimbo
25. Coffee icons
26. Pet animals
27. Butterflies
28. Pretty you
29. Catlove
30. Cheeky rabbit
31. Christmas gift
32. Christmas go
33. Good moodi
34. Hello hunny
35. Magic line
36. Plants

Color tutorial!

Here’s a coloring tut! <3

Colourtone ::
Avalon filter

Prequel ::
Teal filter
Stardust effect

Contrast 100-
Highlights 40+
Shadows 100-
Haze 50
Glow 20
Blur 100

hope this helped! <33

Fanpage tips!

Here’s tips for fanpages! <3

don’t like your own videos! It doesn’t get you on the fyp!

comment “f4f” to other fanpages

Don’t let others spam your videos! it shadow bans you

Be aesthetic and ask not-private questions

Do some edits once in a while

Try to let people watch your videos a lot!

Hope you enjoy! <3

Gain train!

Here’s a gain train to get more followers!!

Follow me!
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