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about me!


hello! my name is kimberly and i’m here to tell you about myself. i have been a charli fanpage for about a year now, however i restarted onto a new account, known as charlzsloves! i really hope this is a successful fanpage. <3

charli has been my idol since day one. i loveeee her fandom and especially HER! she has such a great personality and she’s saved my life without knowing it.

i have a dog named chloe! she turned four on october 10. you’ll hear me talk about my fur baby a lot. she’s a yorkshire terrier and is such a cutie! i may include pictures or videos of her in my videos. stay tuned!

fav color: pink… i don’t think you could tell
birthday: june 20!
foods i love: pasta, CHEESECAKE
idols: char and char only

• more to be added soon

charlzsloves’ theme tutorial

tut of my current theme

fonts used:
cheri (heading)
millennial solstice (subheading)
kghappy (box that the question is in)
kghappy (question)
winterfun (watermark)

color codes:
#CCAFA5 (pink)

based on the fonts and where i described where they’re supposed to go, you can try and figure it out! let me know if you guys need a video example on how to do anything or the box. i’ll tag you in a tut of the box if needed!

please give credits to me for this theme, since i made it

coloring tut (NOT MINE)

charlzsloves • sunkissed coloring tut!

apps needed:

1. ultralight:
clarity: 10+
sharpen: -10
emphasize: -2
noise: -10

2. prequel:
exposure: 50+
contrast: -20
highlights: 40+
shadows: 100+
blur: 25+
filter: teal (70)
effect: stardust (scatter 2, scale 0, rotation 0, filter 0)

3. 24fps
sunkissed coloring qr (linked below)