My Theme Tutorial

Here Is My Theme Tutorial


Apps used


First Step #1

First you go to TikTok and select the video you want. Then you go to filters and go to ‘Vibe’. U click on the filter ‘Dreamy’ and put it to 100. Then you go to text and u click the color Black and u click a few times on the ‘space’ button on ur keyboard. Then you see an A in the corner beside the fonts. U click 3 times on it and u zoom in and u have the filter. Upload the video on Private and be sure u save the video to you camera roll.

Second Step #2

You go to the app Prequel and click on the +. U select the video u just ‘made’ and u go to: Adjust. U scroll to the back and u ‘select’ blur and put it to 50 and you save the video to you camera roll.

Third Step #3

U open the app Vont and you select the video u just ‘made’. (You need the font: Love and Butterflies from You type ur question or what u want on ‘top’ and you go to Style. You click on Style in the top and you see different Aa’s there where you can pick the colours. You click on the second Aa(the first one with the blur) And you do that with all the text you type. Then you go to the butterfly font and you type ‘A’. You put the size to 319. Then you go to style and you see next to the colours 3 stripes. You click on it and then you see a lil ‘pencil’ thing and you click on it en then you search for a brownish colour. Then you do the thing that I already typed with the Aa things. You save the video and that’s it.


I hope this helped you!!
Bye 💞