About me!

Be your self! Only then you're happy!

Hey! It's @chase..lilhudson from tik tok! Maybe you know me, maybe not! I have a fanpage for @lilhuddy. I'm a small fanpage but that's okay! I'm happy!
Love y'all! :)

Some things you should know

I stardet my fanpage on 23th December and now (February 2020) I have 1190 followers! And I'm so proud of my self! I post a video everyday. I want to be a fanpage who's a idol for smaller fanpages. I reply to every comment and try to help all. On this wepsite I'm going to post some things about Chase Hudson (Lilhuddy) or videos I post. Maybe tutorials, idk... Hope you enjoy this! :)

If you don't know who's lilhuddy or Chase Hudson... Here some facts: Chase is on tik tok a person with 29.9 Million followers (February 2021) he is also YouTuber, Actor and musician!! In 2020 he write two singles called "21st century vampire" and the new one "The Eulogy of you and me". In January 2021 he act in a movie called "Downfalls High", if you want watch it you can seach it up on Facebook. Chase starts with tik tok like 2016. In 2019/2020 he had a relationship with Charli D'amelio (Also a tik toker) but they broke up in April 2020. Chase Birthey is on 15th May and he is going to be 19. He has 2 sisters and love animals. He also is a part of the hype house!  —

Follow this link if you want to see Chase's tik tok account: