help with meshah besties😟

Hi I’m meshah and I will be helping you edit :)

Hello besties today... or Friday it doesn’t matter when🙄 erm I’m going to help you get better at editing I’m still learning how to use am so for now I use vsp (video star pro) for video star you don’t need to buy pro but you can if you want my tiktok (chatnoirsfoot) has tuts but for now I’m teaching you the basics :) if your feeling stressed when editing bc it’s to hard I suggest taking a break and drinking some water and do what makes you happy :) NOW I’ll teach you how to edit lol 🤯 when your editing vsf (video start free) to get some good transitions go to multilayer in order to go to multi layer you have to make a video if you don’t know how to make one there’s a video on my tiktok but I’ll try my best to explain now :) video star
2. Click on the plus sign to your right
3. When you’ve already clicked on the plus sign you have to choose select songs not edit video if you click edit video you can’t add the sound that you want and you can’t add clips so don’t do that click select song
4.once you click select song you’ll see a list of songs skip that bc all those songs are ugly 😍
5. At the bottom when your picking your song look to the right and click videos and click the sound you want
6. Now click new and press multilayer
7. Once your there you can see the one two and three and more numbers right || note: there’s more layers just click the thing below 5 ||
8. Click on one and add your picture
9. At the bottom click layout and scroll to the last ones cuz those are free
10. Click one of those and than click on one again
11. Press keyframes
12 this part is hard to explain but I’ll try tut is also on my tiktok if you don’t get it
13. Click on opacity at the bottom it will turn into layout
14. You will see the number is on 50 bring it down to zero
15. Drag the whole tree dot to the end of the video
16. One your at the end of the video bring it up to 50 or 100 or whatever number you want just not below 15
17. After that you will see a bunch of squares with lines inside them those are called graphs :)
18. Click one that is available and click custom you can make your own but if it’s hard I can post some on my page if you want :)
19. Put the graph and click crest and your done :) congrats your first transition 🎉🎊🥳🍾
20. If it’s hard just ask me for QR code’s or search some on tiktok btw to put a we code when your in multilayer there’s a pic of a QR code click it and press import btw it won’t work unless you put the qr code for the one with the exact same pic

Bye besties ily❤️

-love Meshah