Cheryl Sheehan

My Story

I am married with 2 teenage kids and have two fur babies. My children kept me extremely busy while they were growing up.

Running from one kid to another for games and sport practices. My husband and myself trying to figure out which one of us is going where on what day, but that’s ok because it was always worth it!!!!

As they have gotten older things have definitely slowed down. Those days that I desperately wished for have arrived. Let me tell you... I’d go back in time if I had the chance and do it again & again. The old saying is true “enjoy your kids, the time goes by fast”. 💕

When I was in high school I went to trade school for cosmetology and found a passion!!!!

I always loved Art growing up, whether it was drawing, coloring, paintings, 🖼, making projects! It was and still is my favorite.

Yes I’m that mom that helped make the volcano that erupted at the science fair with my kids when they were younger 🤣

Hair, makeup, skincare & fashion is the same. You have to appreciate Art. You have to have that passion that connection.

There is no better feeling then seeing someone have a huge smile on their face and feeling good about themselves all because of something you did for them.👐🏻

I am Never one to be the type to go into an MLM company but when I came across Farmasi & did my research 🧐 it was a no brainer.

Obviously I’m the type of person who likes to share amazing finds or opportunities with others.
Whatever it is and it fits my criteria and passion and the morals of the company are solid I’m sold!

After doing some research and yes learning from past mistakes in MLM businesses and how much work I put into it, how much I made for the company and how little I was getting out of it. I said NO MORE!!! I’m worth more then this. I deserve more.

I did lots of research and I mean lots took me a couple of months and I finally settled on Farmasi because honestly it was a no brainer!!!!! I would have been foolish to pass it up.

My first thought after I signed up, I have to get this out there to others and inform people about this company what they are about.

As a Beauty Influencer the company pays YOU 50% commission and you can make upwards to 75% trust me it’s definitely not difficult. All you need to do is want it!!! You receive a free website and on top of that receive 50% percent off all products!!! Now that’s a company that cares about who represents them. ❤️

As a Beauty Influencer it’s a lifetime investment of a ONE time payment of $19.99, that’s it. 🙅🏻‍♀️

It’s up to you how far you want to take your business.🌟

If you choose not to be an Influencer and sign up as a customer you won’t benefit on the great compensation plan as stated above. But you do gain access to AMAZING prices at retail, quality products, & know you have a 30 day money back guarantee!

Always check back with me you never know what I might be up to next 🌟🥰

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