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I'm Jenny and the proud mother of two beautiful girls, ages 27 and 12.  They are my WHY. Improving my financial and personal health and wellness was the other driving force behind my WHY.   At 43 years of age, weighing almost 200Ibs, drowning in debt and ending a 20 year relationship, I was ready to make a change and rebuild my life even if it meant starting from zero.  My stressors affected not only my emotional well-being, but my physical health.  Stopping my hair loss, losing weight and improving my finances were my initial goals.  In a few short months I’ve been able to make great strides, meet those goals and discover just how truly resilient and strong I really am.  I know there are others who need that small nudge -- someone who can remind them that they can do anything!  My new purpose is to help others build themselves with self-confidence, self-assurance and self-resilience through financial freedom and improved health. Healthy skin, healthy hair, healthy body and a healthy wallet --  those were my goals. What are your goals? What is your WHY? There is strength in numbers. Together let’s demonstrate that we are limitless.

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