Where my GO GETTERS at?!

Hey guys! My name is Brenda aka B, I’m a mom, wife, and just an everyday around the way woman who works hard and is doing the damn thang!

I’m all for women empowerment and love helping women fulfill their need for self love, freedom, purpose, and creating their own passion. I believe we all go through seasons in life, and I myself have been in seasons where I was lacking one or many of those things. Whether I was stuck in finding my niche, unhappy in my career, or just not feeling as though I was actually making an impact in life-I’ve been there and I’m all for transparency and sharing!

I’m a MOM of one! My daughter Janiah is my pride and joy! I’m a wife to my middle school sweetheart James! I’m a fur mom to my yorkipoo Krew! I’ve been in Healthcare my entire career. Currently in Marketing with a VNA company and recently joined this AMAZING wine company called ONEHOPE. I love the flexibility that ONEHOPE offers. You make your business work around your life and your schedule all while making an impact and giving back.

I am a ONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur (CE), which simply means: I sell wine that gives back to charity. I started with ONEHOPE on Jan, 1 2022 after coming across a post on Instagram in late 2021. I wanted to learn more so I did some research on my own and fell in love with their mission. I booked a discovery call to learn about how I could be part of this community. It took me about 2 weeks to take that leap of faith in starting my own wine business with ONEHOPE. I honestly wish I’ve known about ONEHOPE sooner, because I’m all for making an impact in life and giving back. I had NO prior experience in selling wine before finding ONEHOPE, but I saw the vision & the mission, and knew I too could be a part of this AMAZING community. I’ve been able to learn & earn simultaneously while having fun and giving back! I’m passionate about giving back to our inner city youth and plan to fundraise for many of those causes!💕There are so many amazing training opportunities and everyone is so supportive in Y(OUR) success of raising funds for amazing causes. Also who doesn’t enjoy AMAZING wine that’s FREE 🤷🏻‍♀️ one of the many perks that comes with this amazing ONEHOPE community! Think about your why and message me to learn more on how rewarding this opportunity can be for YOU, I’d love to have you on my team! ✨

I’m a New England girl from Springfield, Massachusetts the birthplace of Basketball. I’m a Gemini and a social butterfly. I love talking LOL and making connections with new people. I love making memories with my beautiful family. I enjoy long scenic drives with my husband. I am super family oriented and enjoy trying new restaurants and a great glass of wine🥂or a martini🍸 I LOVE supporting local and small businesses and enjoy giving back to my community!

I am the type of person who finds joy in bringing people together and sharing with others!

Cheers to more LIFE! 🥂🎉


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Allow me to introduce you to pouring wine with purpose 🥂