colouring tut, questions, tips and more!!💕

if you use my cc do “cc: cheetchrls” not “cc:Ameerah”

Berry milkshake!!🫐🤍

exposure: +15
Contrast: -33
highlights: -58
Shadows: 100
Saturation: 30
Sharpen: +15
Abberation: +70
Blur: 15

filter:: > teal (+100)
Effect: winter (0)

Colourtone:: filter>. coogee

clarity: +10
sharpen: -10

Tips on how to grow:: 💝

1. Post a lot usually around 2-4 a day
2. be yourself don’t try to act like someone else
3. Post a vid then follow lots of ppl.💗
4. Do vids like “c-link if ______” more ppl see the vid
5. Do ib it will help sm!
6. Have a popular colouring & sounds!💘
7. Make sure to have a colouring with actives!
8. Tag some ppl in ur vids like random ppl!
9. Follow back ur supporters & chat with them!
10. If a vid doesn’t go viral don’t delete it. You never know it could go viral in the future

Question ideas:: (:)) 🎨❤️‍🔥

1. “Are you on Doja or Noah’s side for the beef”
2. “Which show do u watch the most atm?”
3. “copylink ur ur country is here!”*put countries
4. “do you think king bob is the best minion”
5. who do you think deserves a million fllwers”
6. “your 3rd @ had feelings for you and still does
7. “Do you prefer drawing or painting”
8. “do you think Chandon is cuter then chacha?
9. “hey my new password is 13138 *put ur time*
10. “Do you still support Doja after the beef”
11. “ does your name suit charli or addi better”
12. “If charli is cgd, then who are u?” (Ur initials)
13. “Do you have a fav sibling?”
14. “Hey my name is char rae” (based on ur first idols first name and your second idols second name”
15. “Type [“hehe”] in the cmnts for a surprise”

reminder:: ilysfm and if ur struggling to gain pls go to my vid here Have an amazing day!!💘
hope this helped!

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