Hey there,

I’m assuming you’re here because you’re curious…well here’s a little about me and my culinary journey...

My name is Selena, also known as Chef Sel. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Home of the iconic baconeggandcheese and yes, that’s one word my friend. I’m twenty-four years young, but an old soul at heart. I’m a self-taught aspiring chef with a deep passion for cooking. Food is my love language and cooking for people is my gift.

I’ve been cooking for more than 10 years and my love for it continues to grow. I’m greatly influenced & inspired by my wonderful mother. I grew up watching her cook a plethora of meals, not only from our Spanish culture but dishes from many other cultures too. Although It wasn’t until I got into my first “real” relationship that I started cooking with true intent, I still emulate many cooking skills that I’ve picked up over the years from my mom. Overtime I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy making people happy through their stomachs.

The best is when I receive messages from people telling me that I’ve inspired them to start cooking. Whether it was for the first time, or the first time in a long time. Or that I’m the reason they’ve decided to branch out from their typical dishes and try something new. All the positive feedback really makes my heart smile and motivates me to create more delicious meals and recipes for you all. This journey is mutually beneficial. I’ve improved so much along the way with not only my skills & techniques, but I’ve improved a great amount of dishes that I’d figured I already mastered. I put in great effort to ensure I’m providing the utmost information along with a consistent quality meal.

A majority of the meals I’ve ever made are completely free-styled. I’ve never really been too big on using exact recipes or measurements. Ever since I started sharing my meals with the online community, I’ve grown this love for developing precise recipes specifically for others who view and are inspired by my videos can recreate meals they’ve connected with. The kitchen is simply my playground & I’m just here to share my tips, ideas and recipes. If I can help it seem more approachable and/or fun for you all, then even better! You gon’ love it here!