I am Known to many for my love for cooking, making the best meals come to life, My mobile cooking classes and Pop up brunches are what make me happy.  —

Chef T ,Living life to its fulliest

Chicago Born and raised, I come from the largest Food Mecca in the Country..The Windy city has shown me love.

From Competing in food shows, educating myself on diffrent cultures and travel have given me confidence in My style of cooking..A twist of Homestyle Gourmet Country But Elegant and fresh.

Being a Chef has afforded me a quality of life that money cannot buy🎈🎉

Sugar, A Pinch of Nutmeg and Hella Spice!

I am a Chicago girl who has made a living As a Chef/Teacher Mother and Wife...I cook because I enjoy it, it gives me life to create and host events that Make life more memorable.

Cooking Classes on the Go —

Have you ever wondered How do they make that?

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Our love for our customers goes with out saying!

We will soon have all types of cold pressed juice flavors and Smoothies!

Weather its weigh health or just a change in Diet we got what you want and need!

Our special occasion Dinners

We use quality meats and produce from all over the US..And Beyond.

Have you ever had a desire to visit your fav destination spot only so you can taste the food
Our expansive knowledge about flavors comes from Travel and experience..We can create flavors that make you think you are on an Island in the carribean or in a small kitchen in the city of NewOrleans.