Private Events

"Do it with passion or not at all"

Hi. My name is Daniel. With 20 years of experience in the culinary field, I have done every imaginable event - from big and fabulous to small and private, from a few guests to over a thousand. So it was only a matter of time before I've decided to share my expertise with you.

I came up with a simple concept to help you enjoy your special day. I will take over your kitchen and finish what you started, so you can focus on "YOU" and your guests. I'll prepare your food and beautifully display it on the day of your event. I'll leave your pats and pans clean and your kitchen spotless - all for a small, flat fee. This will be your first, stress free party. No more cooking or cleaning on your special day.

In addition, I'll guide you through your menu and shopping list so you can finally be able to enjoy "Your Special Day"

Top favorite dishes

These dishes are perfect for a house party. The flavors are well balanced; they look beautiful and taste delicious. Your guests will definitely enjoy these.

Smoked salmon board

Served with cream cheese, capers, red onions and drizzled with lemon

Butter board

Served with your choice ot fruit ( figs, grilled peaches, apples) crushed walnuts and drizzled with honey

Guacamole shrimp bites

Served on a tortillas chips

Prosciutto Caprese

Served with sliced tomato, mozzarella wrapped with a prosciutto. Fresh basil, drizzled with extra virgin oil and balsamic glaze

Caprese Skewers

Mini cherry tomatoes with fresh mozzarella balls and fresh basil leaves. Drizzled with balsamic glaze

Antipasto skewers

Served with mini cherry tomatoes calamata olives cheese artichoke and salami

Roast beef crostini

Garlic roasted baquette Served with creamy horseradish sauce

Mini Goat cheese Balls

Served with dried cranberries, pecan salty pretzels, fresh chives and drizzled with honey

Honey Goat cheese crostini

Toasted baquette served with fresh apples and toasted walnuts Drizzled with honey

Brie prosciutto crostini

Served with cranberry and mint

Ranch cucumber bites

Served with home made mixture and topped off with mini cherry tomatoes

Smoked salmon & cream cheese crostini

Toasted baquette topped with fresh smoked salmon, cream cheese and cappers / dill

"Smalec" crostini

Served with radish or cucumber or red onions. All so good

Avocado shrimp crostini

Served on a toasted baquette and fresh Avocado spread

Grilled Peach crostini

Served with Goat cheese, fresh basil and drizzled with balsamic glaze

Herring tartar crostini

Served with red onion, pickles and fresh dill

California roll wrap

Served with imitation crabmeat, cucumber, mango, lettuce fresh cilantro and spicy mayo

Smoked salmon & cream cheese squares

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Served with delicious cream cheese mixture with fresh herbs

Chicken salad tea sandwiches

Served with walnuts, raisins and Cucumber

Shrimp tempura tacos

Served with shredded red cabbage, chopped tomatoes & onions. Drizzled with lime juice and spicy mayo. Fresh cilantro.

Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella

Served with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

Prosciutto Arugula Flatbread pizza

Served with gouda and parmesan cheese

Grilled peach flat bread

Served with Goat cheese and prosciutto arugula salad

Honey almond baked brie cheese

Served solf with warm honey and almonds

Garlic Roasted Burrata caprese

Served with toasted French baquette

Pull-apart Cubano sliders

Served with ham, Swiss cheese and pickles

Pull-apart beef sliders

Garlic roasted pork tenderloin

Served with creamy horseradish sauce

Beef tenderloins

Pan seared salmon

Served with lemon capers

Grilled chicken kabobs skewers

Served with peppers and onions

Crispy chicken cutlets

Served with mozzarella, marinara sauce and parmesan cheese

Baked feta cheese pasta

Served with cherry tomatoes fresh basil and asparagus

Cauliflower steaks

Oven roasted, simply delicious

Creamy mashed potatoes

Served with fresh dill

Crispy roasted parmesan potatoes

Served with parsley or chives

Fig & Burrata platter

Prosciutto and fig salad board

Served with Dijon lemon dressing and blue cheese

Watermelon & Feta salad

Served with fresh cucumber, fresh mint and Limon

The Burrata board

Served with burrata cheese, prosciutto, fresh tomatoes and fresh mint

Parmesan zucchini noodles

Served raw with lemon, olive oil, toasted walnuts and fresh dill

Grilled peaches and burrata cheese

Served with prosciutto and arugula salad drizzled with balsamic glaze

Strawberry basil arugula salad

Served with pistachios and drizzled with balsamic vinegar dressing

Arugula Caprese Salad

Served with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, Avocado and drizzled with balsamic honey vinegar dressing

Zesty shrimp Avocado salad

Served with cherry tomatoes, fresh cilantro red onion jalapeños and drizzled with lime juice and olive oil
***Served in individual cups or bowl

Melon & prescuttio arugula salad

Served with Goat cheese walnuts and dry cranberries drizzled with balsamic vinegar dressing

BLT Salad

Served with bacon, mini cherry tomatoes, red onions, croutons and Avocado. Drizzled with ranch dressing

Imitation crabmeat salad

Served with sweet corn, fresh cucumber, fresh cilantro and drizzled with lime juice
***Served in individual cups or a bowl

Watermelon & mascarpone

Drizzled with honey and top off with your favorite fruits

Deli style antipasto platter

Served with your choice of cold cuts and cheeses

Real talk

What customers say

Violetta Ko

"I haven't eaten such great things for a long time. I was at a birthday party for which Daniel was preparing food. The food was delicious. Whole his service was excellent . The beef tenderloin melted in my mouth, it was juicy, perfectly cooked. Everything was presented very well. It was all overflowing that you still wanted to eat more. After serving all the dishes, Daniel and his team cleaned up the entire kitchen. Everything shined. . I never write any reviews, but in this case I had to share my feelings. I would highly recommend Daniel"

Agata Hajduk

"Great party 😍Delicious food 😋Awesome atmosphere 💃🕺🏼🍹🍷🍾"

Iwona Szubartowicz

"Delicious dishes and beautiful presentation ❤️"

Urszula Sadowska

"Serwis godny polecenia. Smacznie i pięknie podane!!"

Urszula Sawicki

"Food was absolutely delicious"

Marzena Filipiak

"Everything was delicious and beautifully served"

Mr & Mrs Bialucha

Chef to-go (Daniel)is absolutely wonderful !The Many thanks for such a wonderful and stress-free ,my husband birthday party. The food was - stylish, elegant, tasty, and very skillfully prepared. It was such a treat, especially for me, to be out of the kitchen and enjoying the company of our guests, with the extra win-win bonus of a clean and tidy kitchen at the end of the evening! Thank you for such a terrific evening, and I hope we have occasion to call on your services in the near future.
Thank you,

Mr & Mrs Bytner

Daniel planned the perfect menu for our daughter first birthday. All of our guest were so impressed with the food. We could not have asked for anything more – it was beyond our expectations for this very special day.

I have no doubt that anyone that uses Daniel's services as a private chef will not be disappointed.

Malgorzata B.

"What an amazing experience working with Daniel . We need help pulling together a baby shower . The food was amazing. He made huge impression for all our guests. Very highly recommended. Definitely we will use Daniel for our future parties. "

Mr. & Mrs Tarniowy

"Choosing Chef to-go was one of the best decisions we made. Extremely professional, amazing food and service.
For the first time I didn't have to worry , I was able to have fun😊
Thank you Chef Daniel.
Definitely looking forward to the next party. If I could I would give 6 stars 🌟"

Agnieszka J.

"Chef Daniel, moge potwierdzic opinie innych ze był to bardzo dobry wybór żeby go zatrudnić na nasze przyjęcie. Tak jak obiecywał wszystko było bardzo smaczne, pięknie udekorowane. Na koniec imprezy kuchnia była czysta tak jakby nic tam wcześniej się nie działo. Mogłam w końcu po raz pierwszy cieszyć się towarzystwem gości. Dziękuje Daniel!!!"

Amela L

"Danny i can not thank you enough today.
This is the first time i have ever thrown a party and actually got to enjoy it. The food was absolutely delicious, we were truly blown away. I hope to book future events with you, not only did you make us incredible food but you left my kitchen sparkling. Thank you and Agata for being extremely amazing!!

"Most incredible food tonight "

Dominika P. - job #3

"Serdecznie dziękujemy za kulinarne zorganizowanie chrzcin dla naszej Klaudi! Jak zawsze było pysznie, elegancko I profesjonalnie! Już mam kilka kolejnych pomysłów imprez w glowie więc powoli ostrz noże. Cheers to you and your success. "

Dominika P. - job #2

"Dziękujemy! Niesamowita pomoc i tak, wszyscy jestesmy pod wielkim wrazeniem twoich zdolnosci! Jak to moj maz powiedzial, to ze byles to byl totalny Game Changer! Takze jeszcze bedziesz u nas nie raz pichcil! Jeszcze raz serdecznie dziękujemy!"

Dominika P. - job #1

"Thank you so much for yesterday! OMG just as my guests said - It was WAY BETTER than restaurant! Thank you! I'm very very happy! Cheers to you!"

Justyna R.

"Can't wait to have you cook for my party again. Everyone including a very picky birthday girl loved the food. Absolutely delicious. "

Liliana P

"Bylam, kosztowalam i potwierdzam wszystko było kunsztownie przygotowane i przepyszne w bukiecie smaków . Chef to-go jest godny polecenia w swojej profesjonalnej obsłudze 👍"

Kamil J

"Definitely You'll cook for us on next party ! Thank You Daniel!"

Katarzyna M

"It was soo good! Great job 👍"

Agnieszka K.

"Thank you for preparing the dishes. Delicious and lovely food. We are already planning a repeat! "

Ewelina Ew

"Polecamy na 1000 %, 2 tygodnie temu pierwszy raz skorzystaliśmy z Daniela pomocy ale z pewnością nie ostatni. Pozytywne zaskoczenie.
Byliśmy przekonani że Daniel przygotuję jedzonko na godzinę która się umówiliśmy i skończy swoją pracę a tym czasem on cały czas na świeżo wciąż "dorabial" I donosił, poczym bardzo dbał nie tylko o smak ale również o estetykę potraw a produkty które zostały zapakował w pojemniki jednorazowe.
Naprawdę warto, Smak, Klasa, Profesjonalizm, Punktualność 100 %"

Monika & Jarek S.

"Daniel made a delicious food and he was a great chef. Beautiful and elegant party and food creations. He was organized and under control in the kitchen.
We enjoyed our party without any worries.
Thank you Daniel for making our birthday extra special .
Loved the food .Absolutely delicious.👌🏻👌🏻"

The Haber Family

Thank you so much for yesterday! I honestly don't know how we could have had our event without you! You really made our day and our guests enjoyed the food so much. You made our event seamless. You bring such an art and craft to the way you cook and present food and we were so honored to have you join us. We will definitely be reaching out for our next event and will tell everyone we know about you.

Ewelina Ew

Przepyszny catering od cheftogo_nj, We Thank you! For sure we meet again.

Justyna R.

"Hiring you was the best idea ever. Thank you again for everything."

Agnieszka, PA

Jeszcze raz bardzo dziękujemy!

Danuta Z

"Zawsze SUPER .. nie moze byc inaczej . Widzialam, smakowalam , POLECAM !"

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