world-less girl

A ghostly subject, Channelle “Chei” Chevelle is haunted by history and memory, working to create the shadows around her into surreal, tender forms of art. A 21-year-old creator and storyteller from the Caribbean, Channelle was born in Jamaica and raised all over the Eastern seaboard. Connected by soul to the sea, Channelle draws on the secrets of water to create and cultivate tender stories of the world. Believing, as Saidiya V. Hartman writes, that “myth is the threshold of history,” Channelle invests herself in the unknown and impossible to share stories and herself with the world.

Channelle is inspired by love and compassion’s capacity for change within the wider world. On the page, Channelle is intrigued by the archive and forms of cultural production and memorialization that escape transcription but not emotive response. Rather, where there are silence and gaps—this vanishing relation to the archive—there is also “the beauty of this black thing borne of terror” and our ability to tend to the affectual world of another. Reading care and affect from more “furtive” practices transforms archival absence into a chance to read “moments of clasping hands,” a genesis for emotion and analysis.

At her core, Channelle Russell is a dreamer of the surreal. Drawing on her training in Afro-Caribbean History and English, Channelle creates stories of and for those marked by the margin. Invested in unreal, creative forms of literature and written content, Channelle strives to create historically-sound, surreal stories ranging from space operas to generative coming-of-age tales. Working across the mediums of fiction, journalism, non-fiction, Channelle explores criticism, creation, and tender care for the ghosts that shadow us and make us who we are.

When she’s not writing, Channelle can be found carefully curating a TV watchlist, listening to music and creating playlists, and tweeting @cosmicblackgirl.