Thank you for being here!!

Just a little about me…

I’m Chelsea, Mama of two with another sweet one due in October. My husband Brad is my high school sweetheart and my biggest supporter of all of my entrepreneurial & DIY dreams!!

I absolutely love a project, love being creative and teaching my children that they can do anything they set their minds too!

I am a hairstylist by trade, but after a ton of prayer God opened two doors within a week of each other for me to step away from behind the chair and be home full time with my babies and still make an income from home.

With activation and purpose, I’ve taken my love for helping and serving others and applied it to the most powerful business model on earth. Click the link below to learn more!


Why did I say YES to this company??

I said that God opened two doors within a week of each other and HE did. One for my creative side (stay with me and I’ll show you more on that) and one for my love of people, business and serving others.

I wasn’t looking for another social selling company. To be honest, I said I would never go down that road again. A year into this journey, I’m finding so many other women have had similar experiences to mine in the past.

BUT I was praying for God to show me something and when he did, I felt the nudge to open my mind and take a look. What I found was incredible.

A faith based, all natural skincare and wellness company. And when I say all natural, I don’t mean the green washed companies with fancy marketing tactics. I mean true SEED TO SOUL products designed to activate the body’s natural healing process.

All of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and made right here in the USA. A portion of our profits are also given back to end human trafficking. The more I learned, the more I wanted to say YES this movement.

Saying YES to a movement like this would mean:

•grow in your faith
•take control of our health
•saying NO to these green washed companies with chemical ridden products & fancy marketing tactics
•feel & look your very best from the inside out
•sharing this amazing opportunity with others

We are completely redefining the social selling industry, women are becoming activated in their purpose and lives are changing!!

If this speaks to you in any way, I invite you to watch the short video below. This one had me shouting YES!!


Did you watch the two videos I linked on the first two pages?!?

If so, you know with a founder like Jaime Cross…the heart of MIG is like no other company out there. There is also a MAJOR deficit in truth among the social selling & beauty industry as a whole. People struggle everyday with beauty and self care products that over promise and under deliver. MIG is changing the game!!

If you are like me, you SEE the vision & see yourself being a part of an opportunity and movement like this…


You are tired of products that under deliver and you can’t wait to get some of this SEED TO SOUL goodness in your hands!

Below, you will find links for both!!


More info on becoming a TRUE BEAUTY AMBASSADOR


More product info and $10 OFF your first order! (Discount applies at checkout)