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I’m so happy you’re here! Whether you’re looking for an extra income or looking for health and wellness products I’m your girl!

Im 26 years old , fur mama! Living every day to improve my health and others around me! Swipe for influencer application➡️

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My story

I took a simple leap of faith that changed my life.

A year and a half ago I took a leap of faith and joined this business and I haven’t looked back since! I seen an opportunity to work from home by only using social media! I had to go for it !

Before this business I was struggling so much , I really could never get a break. I lived in a broken down trailer that had no running water it was literally just a shelter box. Then I went on to couch surfing to finally renting a room. And I am so blessed to say that I have my own place now! Growing up I did not have it easy. I was in and out of homeless shelters and foster care . I grew up thinking that there is no better ,and I can’t get better. But as I get older I realized that your past does not determine your future at all !!

I wanted to pay all my bills and have extra money ! I was so tired of working 3 jobs just to get bye! I wanted to wake up in the morning whenever I wanted and go to bed anytime without worrying if I was going to get enough sleep. I wanted to be able to spend time with friends, family, and all of animals at home!

I wanted to wake up with a purpose!
I wanted to wake up and do something!

When this opportunity came to me I thought why not!? I'm working three jobs how nice would it be to working from my own home?

Shortly after joining the business I quit two of my jobs ! And mainly focused on my business and now I have so much time to spend with my animals be home and present and work on myself! To learn more and grow more and to dream more! I'm able to have that flexibility I want! I can take a day to spend time with my pets, or take a girls night whenever I want because I have that flexibility.

The check is nice, but being able to share this opportunity and change other peoples lives , and help people with their health and wellness goals is truly a blessing. Also the friendships that I’ve made are endless you meet so many empowering people in this company! There’s so much support & you are never alone in this business! lastly your mindset shifts, you begin to grow and learn, and become the person that you have always wanted to be!

Now that I am living my dreams and chasing my goals, I’m here to teach others how to do the same ! You must be coachable,18+, have wifi, be ambitious, be optimistic, and ready for more! If this fits swipe to apply👉🏻
I can’t wait to connect with you✨